2018 Release Schedule

JEL AvatarI know how frustrating it can be waiting for the next book in a series to be released, or for the author to finally write something different… So, I thought it might be good to post a tentative book release schedule for the year ahead. Tentative because, hey, even with the best will in the world, life can get in the way.

Galactic Division – Book Four = End February 2018

The end of February marks one year since the release of the first book in the Galactic Division series, so the anniversary seemed a fitting time to release the first book of the second story arc.

Thrall State – Book Two = May 2018

One year on from the release of book one, it’ll finally be time to catch up with ‘Michael’ as he rejoins the working world, despite whatever misgivings he may have about it…

Galactic Division – Book Five = July 2018

Just in time for your summer holidays, Liberty’s Dream will return. Again!

Unnamed New Series – Book One = September 2018

A look at loss, mortality, and big life choices.

Galactic Division – Book Six = December 2018

The perfect Christmas present for EVERYONE YOU KNOW.


Plus, of course, the first , the first Galactic Division Heroes story will continue throughout the year, with the final chapter dropping just after Christmas. Should be an exciting year!


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