J E Loddon is the creator and author of the Galactic Division series of books. This series follows pacifist Milo, who at the age of 19 faces the Conscription lottery. If he is drafted, he’ll be forced to train with the Galactic Division, and join an interstellar war.

Galactic Division – Book One: Conscription, Galactic Division – Book Two: Initiation, and Galactic Division – Book Three: Occupation are available now. Galactic Division – Book Four will be released in 2019.

J E Loddon is currently working on the second book in his Thrall State series. Thrall State – Book One: Restitution is available now.

He enjoys reading books in all genres, with favourites ranging from Daniel Keyes’ Flowers For Algernon, through Sam Lipsyte’s The Ask, to Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Away from writing, J E Loddon is a full-time engineer, and he enjoys video games and movies.